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Why WebsiteLibrary?

WebsiteLibrary has been created to help individuals learn more about computing in an informal online framework. Its general aim is to provide structure to a wealth of learning resources available freely across the web. Search engines are great for accessing specific information you want quickly. Although, what if you don't know exactly what you are after and how that information fits into the broader context, you can become a little lost! WebsiteLibrary aims to help online students with a broader top-down overview, rather than floundering around in the granular details.


A few of the goals and aspirations of WebsiteLibrary...

  • To curate the best computer learning material freely available on the web
  • To be a trusted worldwide online computer education hub
  • To evolve and innovate in the online education space


My name is Dean Usher, the creator and founder of WebsiteLibrary. I've had over 20 years of experience with system design, web development and project management. I have strong conviction in helping people to learn computers for self-empowerment.

To date, WebsiteLibrary is a solo project. All the development, server administration, design, content, marketing and so forth are self-created/self-managed. However, I do hope to collaborate with other like-minded individuals in the future.


It's early days for WebsiteLibrary so I do appreciate any genuine feedback that will help the project grow. You can contact me via the contact form. No unsolicited sales pitches please!


If you like the direction WebsiteLibrary is going and would like to see it grow, donations are most welcome.

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Dean from WebsiteLibrary

Dean Usher

Founder -Developer - Content Creator & Curator

We are transitioning into a high tech age where computers will be ubiquitous in every aspect of our lives. Being dependent on others who have computer skills is a strategy that could make one vulnerable in many ways. My ethos is orientated around self-education and self-motivation. Traditional education is struggling to catch up with the fast pace technology is moving. So, it helps to supplement learning with more adaptive resources.