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System Admin - DevOps
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System Admin - DevOps

Even though there are a number of differences, System Administration and DevOps are rolled into one here because of the large amount of crossover.  So the learning resources on this shelf will be broadly spread across System Administration and DevOps.

The topics covered here will relate to server operating systems, running and maintaining servers, server software, cloud computing, networking and more.

System Administration

System Administration relates to the configuration, operation and ongoing maintenance of computer systems.  With web-based computing, this is commonly web servers.  Tutorial material on this shelf will typically cover subjects and tasks like the following:

  • Various types of server operating systems, eg Linux servers and various distributions, Windows servers
  • Maintaining the health and performance of web servers
  • Managing user accounts on servers across a network
  • Configuring and maintaining various types of server software
  • Server-related security may have some crossover with the special Security section that broadly covers cybersecurity, security in application development, server hardening, network security and more

Related Job Positions:

  • System Administrator (broad term)
  • Web Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • Database Administrator


DevOps moves more into the area of software development and is a combination and development and operations. It focuses on streamlining and time spent on the software development cycle. The topics covered here will look at matters of DevOps tools and practices.

  • Tools to assists with source code development, review and management
  • The building and testing of application code using continuous integration
  • Staging and deploying application releases
  • Configuration and management of server infrastructure
  • Monitoring of applications and server performance

Related Job Positions

  • DevOps Engineer
  • Build Engineer
  • Reliability Engineer
  • Release Manager
  • Product Manager


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