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Alex Lancer

I am a professional web developer from Athens, Greece. I create beautiful professional websites usin...view details


Amigoscode offers a range of courses on topics such as Java, Python, database design, JavaScript and...view details


"Asana helps teams orchestrate their work, from small projects to strategic initiatives. Headquarter...view details

Awesome Open Source

Awesome Open Source is a fantastic YouTube channel that showcases the wonders of Open Source softwar...view details

Bring Your Own Laptop

Here at Bring Your Own Laptop we aim to provide our viewers with high quality information tutorials ...view details

Bro Code

I'm not sure why I haven't seen this channel earlier. It's called Bro Code and from what I can it's ...view details

Caleb Curry

From the Caleb Curry website..."My name is Caleb Curry and I started my online business teaching sof...view details


CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is one of the world's largest and most respect...view details


From the CertBros YoutTube about page... "Welcome to the CertBros Youtube channel! Not your average...view details


From the Codecourse YouTube About page: "Helping you learn to code." Reference: https://www.youtube....view details

Coding Addict

Coding Addict is presented by John Smilga on a variety of web development topics. HTML & CSS Ja...view details

Darrel Wilson

From the Darrel Wilson YouTube About page: "Hey Party People! My Name Is Darrel. I help teach people...view details

Dave Xiang

Hello! My name is David Xiang. I am a software developer based in New York City. I am a self-proclai...view details

DevOps Directive

Sid from DevOps Directive...view details

Digital Power

Digital Power was founded in 2012 as a subsidiary and secondment arm of Adversitement. In mid-2016, ...view details

Eddie Jaoude

From the Eddie Jaoude YouTube Channel:"I am an open source fullstack engineer with 15+ years experie...view details

Envato Tuts+

Build an app, create a website, or learn design with our free how-to tutorials and video courses. Le...view details

Explained. By George.

Learn more about the tech we use every day. Right here....view details

Exposure Ninja

From the Exposure Ninja YouTube about page... "Exposure Ninja is the marketing team your competitor...view details


From the FollowAndrew YoutTube about page..."Andrew has been designing and developing web pages sinc...view details


Stacks of tutorial videos on learning how to code....view details


From the GCFLearnFree.org website "For almost 20 years, the GCFLearnFree.org program has helped mill...view details

Geek's Lesson

This channel is about the art of computer science, consisting of educational contents from experts a...view details

Grant Collins

From the Grant Collins YouTube about page... "an I.T. nerd who wants to think he is good at cybersec...view details


From the HackerSploit YouTube channel... "HackerSploit is the leading provider of free Infosec and ...view details

Jacob Sorber

From the Jacob Sorber YouTube channel about page... "I post videos that help you learn to program an...view details

James Q Quick

From the James Q Quick YouTube about page..."Want to learn more about Web Development?  Then, you'r...view details

Keep Productive

Keep Productive is a YouTube channel hosted by Francesco D’alessio. They cover a range of topics r...view details

Lane Schwartz

Computational Linguistics @ Illinois...view details

Learn Linux TV

From the Learn Linux TV about page... Learn Linux TV is a popular YouTube channel that aims to provi...view details

Luke Ciciliano

From the freeCodeCamp.org website.."Luke Ciciliano is a web developer who writes on issues relevant ...view details

Making Money

From the Making Money YouTube about page... "Learn how you can make money online. The Legit Way! Joi...view details

Metics Media

From the YouTube About Page: "My name is Simon and I create how-to videos about online marketing too...view details

Mike Dane

From the Mike Dane YouTube About page... "Hey! Welcome to my channel, my name's Mike, I'm a develope...view details


My CS is a community for computer Science students / enthusiasts who want to stay up to date with la...view details

Neso Academy

We are on a mission to provide free and subsidized education. We believe that the real world exists ...view details


Paymo replaces a lot of tools you use, keeping everything in sync under the same roof - without mess...view details

Pipeliner CRM

Pipeliner CRM is the Better CRM which drives Exceptional User Engagement  Built By Sales, Used By S...view details

Programming with Mosh

From the Code with Mosh blog about page: "Hi! I am Mosh Hamedani! I am a passionate and pragmatic so...view details


The project management tool you've been searching for. Chat, share files, collaborate, manage tasks ...view details


Organize your tasks quickly and easily. Track progress and boost productivity with collaborative too...view details

Renaissance Engineer

From the Renaissance Engineer YouTube About page... "Renaissance Engineer makes learning tutorials ...view details

Santrel Media

Based out of Philadelphia, Santrel Media offers innovative marketing solutions to improve business p...view details


From the SavvyNik YoutTube about page... "Let's explore the wonderful world of Linux and Programming...view details


The sentdex channel is an excellent resource for those looking to expand their Python programming kn...view details


From the Simplilearn YouTube channel about page.. "Our award-winning online bootcamps are designed a...view details


From the Techlore about page... We became private, and you can too. Techlore was built to prove pr...view details


Ever wanted to learn more about your favorite gadgets or a trending topic in tech?  With a mix of h...view details

The Codeholic

From the Codeholic YouTube about page... "My name is Zura. I am Web Developer with 9+ years of exp...view details

The Cyber Mentor

A little about Heath the "The Cyber Mentor" from his whoami page..."My name is Heath, but you may kn...view details

The Digital Life

From the YouTube Channel... "I'm Christian, a tech enthusiast, and an IT professional. I love to in...view details

Traversy Media

Traversy Media features the best online web development and programming tutorials for all of the lat...view details


Treehouse is an online school that teaches technology. Treehouse has courses on hundreds of topics i...view details


From the Trello about page..."Trello is the easy, free, flexible, and visual way to manage your proj...view details

Website Library

This is the author profile for this very website! ...view details

Wes McDowell

From the Wes McDowell YouTube About page: "If you're serious about building your business, now you ...view details