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This page shows WebsiteLibrary learning pathways in a broad, diagrammatic form. Five main areas are represented. Beginners, Web Development, System Admin, Marketing and Management.

As information technology is constantly evolving and adopting more and more specialised areas, it can make it difficult to pigeonhole each role. To add, depending on the size of the company will determine how specific roles are assigned. For example, a small company of 1 - 10 people may find themselves taking on many IT roles per employee compared to a larger company that will be more specialised.

Hopefully what you will take away from the diagram below is a general sense of what areas of learning WebsiteLibrary covers.


The first section in learning pathways is meant for individuals new to computing in general. However, this may also include someone with pre-existing experience wanting to learn more basic skills that are removed from their current skillset.

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Beginners Basic Computer Skills

Learning Pathways Title

Carving a Pathway to Further Learning

The pathways map below shows a broad map of the types of web-related learning material that Website Library covers. While most information technology jobs and pursuits could be considered "technical" in nature, two main pathways are shown here to separate the more managerial and marketing endeavours from traditional computing roles that require programming or "high tech" skills.


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Web Development

Web Development Pathway

Web Development has evolved over the years into many specialised roles. However, the area can be broadly categorised into two main streams, front-end development and back-end development. Front-end development relating to the front-facing user interface the user sees when visiting a website or using an app. Back-end development relating more to the background programmatic aspects of an application usually connecting to a database for storage.

Typical Career Positions:

Front-End Web Developer
Back-End Web Developer
Full-Stack Developer
Web Designer
UX/UI Developer
Technical Consultant
Software Developer

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System Admin

System Admin Pathway

There has been a lot of aspects of technical computing lumped under the System Admin section. The term is very broad and not exactly representative of all the roles found here. However, for ease of classification roles like Networking and DevOps can be found here because of their close association.

Typical Career Positions

System Administrator
Security Specialist
Network Engineer
DevOps Engineer

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Marketing & Management

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Management Pathway

The Management section mainly relates to the organisational aspects of online projects. This may take the form of a business contracting a company to build a website (or app) through to the more detailed analysis and planning of a project. So here, there is some crossover with the technical pathway. The main focus is the top end management in a top-down organisational structure and all the players that come into focus in that arena.

Typical Career Positions:

Project Manager
Business Manager
System Analyst
Business Owner

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Pathway

This section covers the fast-growing field of online digital marketing. This area is taking on various specialised roles such as social media marketing, search engine optimisation, email marketing, data analytics and more. Online advertising is a big business making learning skills in this area a very lucrative proposition for aspiring students. Having a technical background can assist avenues like search engine optimisation but mostly not essential. A flair for marketing and general computer skills can often be enough if a starting point.

Typical Career Positions:

Social Media Marketer
SEO Specialist
Email Marketer
PPC Specialist
Online Video Producer

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Crossover with technical pathway Crossover with technical pathway