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What is WebsiteLibrary?

WebsiteLibrary is an educational website for learning more about web based computing.

Today, there are quite a number of career paths you can pursue related to the web. The object of the WebsiteLibrary is to help provide structure to this seemingly fluid, saturated and forever changing industry.

The learning material you will encounter here will generally be sourced and curated from external sources. There are so many great resources out there and sometimes it just takes presenting this content in a structured way. Hopefully, this website should act as an informative guide to navigating the world of computers and the web. 

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How WebsiteLibrary is Organised?

WebsiteLibrary is organised much like a conventional real world library in the following format...

  1. Bookshelves (see the bookshelves) 
  2. Books
  3. Pages

What are WebsiteLibrary Resources?

Learning resources that are placed throughout the website, such as...

  • Videos
  • Video Time Markers with notes to support the video
  • External Links

The video learning resources on this website are mainly free online tutorials and courses. For easy access, videos have been arranged into a video library.

Library Bookshelves

Currently, the library is categorised into eight broad categories, also known as "bookshelves". From there each bookshelf is broken up into more specific categories. This diagram should help to give you an overall idea of the learning content WebsiteLibrary has to offer.

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