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Back-End Web Development
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Back-End Web Development

The back-end development shelf deals with building web applications with one of the many server-side languages that are available today.

Back-end development usually refers to the development of the main background code logic that powers an application.  So less to do with the visual aspect and more about the "brains".  Commonly back-end code will communicate with a database, process and make data available for the front-end side of the application. See the Front-End Development shelf.

Getting started with Back-End Web Development

Many of the tutorials and learning resources will help to get you up and running with back-end Web development.   If you are only new to web-based computing I suggest you see the Beginners shelf to become familiar with basic terms and skills.

Programming Languages

There are quite a number of back-end development programming languages, however, I will list only a few of the most popular below:


Back-end programming languages all have extensions for making a connection to a database.  There are multiple database vendors that you can use such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, Redis, MariaDB, Oracle to name a few.  As you follow along with the tutorials in this section you will discover what is the best database to use for your language, your project requirements or personal preference.


While DevOps is quite closely connected to back-end web development, Website Library has classified DevOps with System Administration on the System Admin and DevOps shelf.

Video learning resources on the Back-End Web Development shelf

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MySQL Tutorial for Beginners

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Author: Programming with Mosh

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