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Project Management
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Project Management

Putting together a team to build a web project takes some organisational skills. This virtual bookshelf covers topics related to project management and productivity. Learning resources here will hopefully assist you in putting together projects more successfully. 

Creating a Plan

So, you have an idea for your web project, now you need to take the first step and put it into action.  This requires having a plan and breaking down the practical steps to achieve your goal.  The Project Management shelf contains learning resources and suggested tools to make this stage of the process a success.

Putting together a team

Whether you are skilled in the area of web design and development or just limited skills, putting together a team to build your project just takes some research and drive.

Maintaining a Project

Once you have achieved your goal and have your web project up and running you need the right resources and skills on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly on a day to day basis.  Don't forget to have on board a winning support team that can lock down any issues as they arise.

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