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What is a Favicon

A favicon (short for favourite icon) is a small image that helps website visitors to identify the branding of your website.  It may appear in the browser tab, address bar or your selected web page favourites / bookmarks. 

What file formats does favicon support?

The file format of a favicon image is most commonly ico, png or gif to get the best cross-browser browser support.  However, jpeg or SVG can be used with a limited number of browsers.

What file size should a favicon be?

The file size of a favicon should be 16 pixels square and 32 pixels square for the best cross-browser support. Although, you may want to create your favicon as different sized to cater for special browser specifications. 

How to Create a Favicon

A useful free tool for creating a favicon is favicon.io

By uploading a PNG image it will create the files required to be compatible with most browsers...


Then upload the files to the root directory of your website and insert some HTML code into the head section of your website.


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What is a Favicon

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