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Laravel Course Free For Web Developers - Outline & Description

Laravel Course Free

If PHP is your programming language of choice you will no doubt come across Laravel at some point.  Laravel is the most popular PHP framework that PHP web developers use to build their applications.

In this course, Alex from Codecourse has a look at building a post application that attempts to cover many of the Laravel features as possible. You may be learning for the first time or possibly you are familiar with the Laravel framework and want to get up to speed with the newer features available.

Course content includes the following items:

Installing and setting up Laravel, Routes, views and layouts, Laravel Mix and Tailwind, Styling the layout, Running migrations, Registering users, Signing in after registration, Authenticated state, Logging in, Logging out, Middleware, Post form, Setting up posts, User/post relationship, Creating a post, Listing posts, Pagination, Seeding with model factories, Liking and unliking posts, Eager loading, Deleting our posts, Authorization, User profile page, Blade components, Like count Eloquent relationship, Single post page, Sending email, Soft deleting models.

Course Links

Composer (https://getcomposer.org/)
Laravel documentation (https://laravel.com/docs/8.x)
Laravel debugbar (https://github.com/barryvdh/laravel-debugbar)
Tailwind (https://tailwindcss.com/)
Mailtrap (https://mailtrap.io/)

Laravel Course Free For Web Developers No1 PHP Framework Video

Duration: 2hrs 28mins
Author: Codecourse
Topic: PHP
Category: PHP , Programming

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    Video Authorship and Publishing Credits

    The author of this video is Codecourse and published by Traversy Media. Click through to find out more about them and their great learning material.

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