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Visual Studio Code Tutorial in 92 Minutes

Visual Studio Code Tutorial

Time to take a look at an extremely popular web development tool. This Visual Studio Code tutorial covers most of the main features to give you a better understanding of how the software works.  

  • The various versions of Visual Studio Code
  • The layout and how to customise
  • Search and replace functionality
  • Working with shortcuts
  • How intellisense works
  • Discover how Emmet makes coding easier with code snippets
  • How to configure your settings
  • Explore VS Code extensions and themes
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Keymap extensions
  • Customise code snippets
  • How to sync your settings on different computers
  • How to use the debug feature
  • Work with the built-in terminal
  • Explore source control integration such as GIT

To learn more about Visual Studio Code and download the software, visit the official Visual Studio Code website.

Visual Studio Code Tutorial Video

Duration: 1hrs 32mins
Author: James Q Quick
Category: Programming

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    Video Authorship and Publishing Credits

    The author of this video is James Q Quick and published by freeCodeCamp.org. Click through to find out more about them and their great learning material.

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