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A Database Management Tool Worth Using

Database management tool

This video gives you a pretty good overview of DBeaver, a free open source database management tool.  Actually, the tutorial or demo videos on this software are a little hard to come by.  It would be great if someone created a comprehensive DBeaver tutorial. Regardless, thanks to Awesome Open Source for putting this together.  The link to his channel is at the bottom of the page. There are more good open-source videos available there.

DBeaver fully featured and reasonably straightforward to use.  If you've come from using commercial database management software like Navicat you might find some things about the usability a bit awkward but essentially it's amazing for open source. I use it all the time these days and find it totally reliable.

This super database management software has drivers for heaps of different databases, allows you to make secure SSH tunnel connections to remote databases and a heap more. Actually, I wish I came across this software a lot earlier. 

DBeaver has both the free community edition license and the enterprise edition.  To add, there's CloudBeaver which allows you to perform database management in the cloud via a browser interface.  There is a working demo of CloudBeaver so you can give it a try. Best to have a read on the Github page first and to make a note of the demo passwords before running the demo https://github.com/dbeaver/cloudbeaver/wiki/Demo-Server The link to the demo is also there.

Open Source Database Management Tool - DBeaver Video

Duration: 36mins 50secs
Category: Databases

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    The author and publisher of this video is Awesome Open Source. Click through to find out more about them and their great learning material.

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