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Gravitate From Hands-On Coding to System Design

In the following video tutorial, Renaissance Engineer discusses system design and web architecture. 

System Design Web Architecture Tutorial

The general purpose of this tutorial video is to help more junior developers graduate into higher levels of web application architecture. Give an insight into what's involved in moving up the chain into the area of system design. 

The instructor points out to the listener. You will spend the majority of your time on system design rather than hands-on coding

Explore Distributed Systems

The first section commences by discussing distributed systems and the reason why companies use them. 

The second topic looks at performance metrics for distributed systems. Here you will look at mechanisms related to system performance. Learn how to calculate the system resources needed based on the amount of internet traffic. 

Scale Applications

Next in the tutorial, you will learn about the main components of the application and how you can scale those applications.  

These include load balances and content distribution networks, database design,  caching and horizontal versus vertical scaling. 

The instructor uses a practical example to tie the theoretical sections of the video together. It involves creating a YouTube-inspired application. 

In addition, the topic of system design and web architecture jobs are discussed later in the video.  Things you may encounter in a job interview relating to system design and web architecture.

Main Points 

  • Learn a basic overview of system design and web architecture
  • Understand overall details and concepts related to system design
  • Experience practical skills that will assist with getting a job in the field
  • Understand why large companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and others need to use distributed systems
  • What are the benefits of distributed systems
  • What are the steps for scaling web applications
  • What components makeup system design

System Design and Web Architecture Tutorial Video

Duration: 1hrs 40mins
Category: Project Management
Bookshelf: Project Management

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    Video Authorship and Publishing Credits

    The author of this video is Renaissance Engineer and published by Geek's Lesson. Click through to find out more about them and their great learning material.

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