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Affiliate Marketing Course - How To Setup And Profit From Amazon Affiliates

As we all know Amazon is a huge and lucrative company.  The contents and directives in this video will assist you in setting up your money-making machine and get a piece of the pie!

Amazon Affiliates Marketing Course

What is an Amazon Affiliate marketing website?

  • A website that you own that allows you to earn passive income
  • Promote other businesses products on your website
  • Receive a commission sale when someone purchases a product on Amazon after clicking your affiliate link
  • A vehicle for unlimited earnings potential

What makes Amazon Affiliates so attractive?

  • There's no need to worry about shipping, inventory or providing customer support like you would with conventional online stores.
  • Product selection is plentiful with millions of products to choose from depending on your website niche.
  • Conversion rates are good due to Amazon being a well-trusted company giving customer confidence when purchasing products.
  • Earn recurring revenue if your recommendations strike a positive note with your website visitors.
  • Creating an Amazon Affiliate marketing website is fast, easy and cheap to set up.

The instructor Darrel Wilson is not only talking about the theory of affiliate marketing, he is coming from a place of years of experience and actually lives the passive income lifestyle.

Main topics presented in this  marketing affiliate course:

  • Amazon Affiliate Website
  • Get Web Hosting
  • Install Wordpress
  • General Settings
  • Import Starter Website
  • Designing Website
  • Create Pages And Create Menu
  • Make Blog Post
  • Theme Customizer Settings
  •  Single Product Review Post
  • Free Amazon Affiliate Tables + Post
  • Rules To Creating Posts
  • Install Rankmath (SEO Plugin)
  • Picking A Niche, Tips, And Info
  • Putting The Article Together
  • Creating Featured Images
  • Creating The Post ( That Makes Money )
  • Rankmath Setup
  • Main Tips To Know
  • Domain Authority And Page Rank Explained
  • DoFollow And NoFollow BackLinks Explained
  • Successful Amazon Affiliate Websites


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Amazon Affiliates Marketing Course Video

Duration: 2hrs 30mins
Author: Darrel Wilson
Category: Digital Marketing

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