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So What Kind of Email Marketing Tips and Tricks Am I Going to Get out of This Video?

Email Marketing for Small Business

This informative YouTube video is from Wes McDowell. It's titled Email Marketing for Small Businesses. What's hot in 2021?

Wes starts out talking about how effective email marketing is. He calculates for every one dollar that you spend, you get between $35 and $50 in return. He finds that email marketing is still a very effective marketing vehicle and is his number one way of marketing still in 2021.

He finds that email marketing is more effective than other forms of advertising like YouTube and Spotify. In this video. He explores some of his email marketing strategies that work for him and he will help you target the right people. This in turn will turn your efforts into sales!

The email list that you end up creating will be a totally engaged list of buyers. Also not to mention you entirely own the email list that you collect. It is an open line of communication that you can reach out to your customers at any time.

No Need to Use Fancy HTML Templates - Aim for Simplicity and Trust With Your Audience

Wes explains that he doesn't use the fancy templates that email companies provide because they generally end up tucked away in the promotion tab of your email application. Whereas, if you use plain text, they will end up in your audience's inbox so you get a lot more penetration and exposure when it comes to email marketing.

It's generally the emails that have HTML and links embedded that end up in the Promotions tab. Most people rarely go to have a look at those emails. So stick to plain text emails to be more effective when targeting your audience. You want maximum visibility.

Also, he explains that the reason to stay away from the fancy HTML designed emails is that it looks like your trying to promote something. So people are generally on their guard when it comes to email. Plain text emails come across as less like your trying to promote something. It also gives the impression that you are writing a personal email.

When using playing text emails, you don't have to be boring about it. You can make the emails present quite well by using a lot of white space. Not making the email too long and using bolding and underline, formatting, effectively and sparsely.

Really, you don't want to make your emails too long. Make it short effective and where it gets the point across succinctly.

Use a Branded Domain - Avoid Generic Email Providers To Build Trust

He mentions it is imperative to use a branded domain.  So the email that you are writing from is your website domain and not some external domain that people might find suspicious. An example of this, what not to do, is using a name at Gmail.com. Or yahoo.com or hotmail.com. It just doesn't present as well.

Another tip is to use a name before your domain.com, like, joe@domain.com or sarah@domain.com.  So you paint the picture there is a real person writing the email. 

Don't use terms like info, or admin or generic names, especially not do not reply. [email protected] looks better than info@domain.com.

Be Personal and Pose a Question in the Postscript to Prompt Customer Engagement

Another technique he explains is to use a PS or Postscript at the end of the email posing a question to your customer or subscriber.  A prompt for them to respond and reply to your email. It's all about building trust with your customers.

So it's good to ask for a reply and let them know that you're a real person on the other end.

Wes uses a technique called the three to one rule. This is where you don't write a sales pitch, email on the very first email. You send emails that are of value to your customer for the first three emails, and then on the fourth email, send through your pitch to the customer.

So, it's all about being value-added. Rather than just using sales pitches. You should never write your emails to look like a promotion.

Anyway, even on the fourth email that you send out, you really want to strive for a person to person approach with your emails.

Not Too Many and Not Too Little - There is a Sweet Spot in the Number of Emails You Send

With the frequency of marketing emails. He explains that sending one email a week is probably about right. You don't want to send too few emails and you don't want to send too many. One email a week is effective.

He then goes on to talk about how to attract emails to your list. He claims that you need to have a powerful lead magnet. Things like email newsletters and providing ebooks free. Ebooks are not effective anymore. It's best to use techniques to gain emails that are going to deliver results for the customer in a transformative way.

He provides a number of examples that are effective lead magnets when attracting people to enter their email address. These provide real solutions to help people solve issues.

He then goes on to mention that you don't have to be there painstakingly writing a lot of emails all the time. You can move to the next step of automating your email delivery.

He steps out how to deliver your emails based on the customer sales cycle. This will determine how and when to use your email marketing to deliver a result.

Is there more covered in this video?

Yes, there are more gems in this video! So keep listening through to the end.  Use the time markers provided to target the spot in the video you are interested in.

More Email Marketing Learning Resources

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Email Marketing For Small Business - What's the Secret? Video

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Author: Wes McDowell
Category: Email Marketing

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