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Learn Python Programming Video Course

Learn Python Video Course

Prepare yourself for a 12 hour Python Programming video intensive course brought you by Bro Code.  You will cover a whole heap of Python topics broken up into 100 sections for easy navigation.

The video quality is good and your Bro is easy to understand with his unambiguous teaching style.

In this course you will cover the following Python Programming topics:

Introduction to Python tutorial for beginners, variables, multiple assignment, string methods, type cast , user input , math functions , string slicing , if statements , logical operators , while loops , for loops , nested loops , break continue pass , lists , 2d lists , tuples , sets , dictionaries , indexing , functions , return statement , keyword arguments , nested function calls , variable scope , *args , **kwargs , string format , random numbers , exception handling , file detection , read a file , write a file , copy a file , move a file , delete a file , modules , rock paper scissors game , quiz game , object oriented programming oop , class variables , inheritance , multilevel inheritance , multiple inheritance , method overriding , method chaining , super function , abstract classes , objects as arguments , duck typing , walrus operator , functions to variables , higher order functions , lambda , sort , map , filter , reduce , list comprehensions , dictionary comprehensions , zip function , if _name_ == '__main__' , time module , threading , daemon threads , multiprocessing , gui windows , labels , buttons , entrybox , checkbox , radio buttons , scale , listbox , messagebox , colorchooser , text area , open a file (file dialog) , save a file (file dialog) , menubar , frames , new windows , window tabs , grid , progress bar , canvas , keyboard events , mouse events , drag & drop , move images w/keys , animations , multiple animations , clock program , send an email , run with command prompt , pip , py to exe , calculator program , text editor program , tic tac toe game , snake game.

Learn Python Video Course Video

Duration: 12hrs 00mins
Author: Bro Code
Category: Programming , Python

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    Video Authorship and Publishing Credits

    The author of this video is Bro Code and published by Bro Code. Click through to find out more about them and their great learning material.

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