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Network Penetration Testing for Beginners - Full Ethical Hacking Course

Join Heath, an experienced and well qualified ethical hacker as he streams a course live over a series of sessions, "Zero to Hero - A Practical Course on Network Pentesting".  While the course is over 15 hours in length, the mood is upbeat and interesting to watch if you're keen on learning network pentesting.

There is a reddit page where you can read more about the contents of the course in more detail..

"I've designed a base lesson plan for a zero to hero course in network penetration testing/ethical hacking. The course will be delivered weekly on Twitch and build from lessons learned in the previous week. It will provide an opportunity for those interested in becoming an ethical hacker / penetration tester the chance to learn the practical skills necessary to work in the field. Throughout the course, we will develop our own Active Directory lab in Windows, make it vulnerable, hack it, and patch it. We'll cover the red and blue sides. We'll also cover some of the boring stuff like report writing :)."


Network Penetration Testing for Beginners Full Ethical Hacking Course Video

Duration: 15hrs 11mins
Category: Security
Bookshelf: Security

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