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Become Familiar With Node.js - A Beginners Course

Get ready to learn the fundamentals of Node.js!

The object of this course is to learn modern and scalable web applications using Node.js

Learn the practical way by building projects hand on.

What is Node.js?  Node.js is an environment to run JavaScript outside of the browser.  Created in 2009 and design to run from Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine.

The recommended prerequisite to get the most out of this course is a knowledge of HTML elements, CSS rules and fundamental knowledge of JavaScript. This including ES6, callbacks, promises and Async-Await.

Node.js Tutorial Video

How this Node.js Course is Structured

  • In the first section become familiar with Node.js and the development environment typically used for Node.js
  • Secondly, the course looks at how to install Node.js and some of the differences with browser-based JavaScript
  • Thirdly, explore Node.js fundamentals 
  • In the fourth section learn all about Express JS 
  • The fifth section commences with a series of practical learning exercises building Node.js projects

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Node.js Tutorial Video Video

Duration: 8hrs 16mins
Author: Coding Addict
Category: Programming

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    The author and publisher of this video is Coding Addict. Click through to find out more about them and their great learning material.

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    Getting started: Create & manage projects

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