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Project Management Software Book at Website Library


This book in the Website Library catalogues a number of the top project management software offerings out on the web. Most of these are hosted online. However, there may be a number of offline project management tools that adjunct some of these websites. By clicking through some of the project management tools in the list you should get a better sense of what may suit your business or team's requirements. Understandably everyone's needs are different. Most online project management tools offer various plans depending on the size of your team or the data you want to store. Quite often there will be a free starting plan where you can be quite productive without too many limitations.


Project Management Software


Asana Overview Asana is a great project management tool for organising remote working teams. Create and manage team projects and tasks to meet deadlin... More

ClickUp Overview Clickup project management software. ClickUp Videos Here's a collection of videos to help understand how Clickup works. Getting Start... More

Freedcamp Overview Freedcamp offers are user-friendly interface and commonly used by freelancers and project teams of various shapes and sizes.  It's... More

Hub Planner Overview A place to get a good overview of all your projects and resources centralised in the one location. The online software includes a... More

Jira Overview Jira created by Atlassian is more of a software development tool used by agile teams.  However, in this field, it's one of the most wi... More

Mavenlink Overview This project management tool is more suited to professional business services in the area of public relations, marketing, advertis... More

Monday.com Overview Monday.com is a flexible project management system suited to a variety of team management needs. Visual scheduling and customised... More

nTask Overview nTask project management software taking a step beyond with their 2.0 version of the software. nTask Videos Some videos from the nTa... More

Paymo Overview Paymo is another great online project management software tool.  Organise clients, projects, users, timesheets and more. Uses a flexib... More

Pipeliner Overview Pipeliner is a customer relationship manager (CRM) made to assist salespeople in a fast and efficient way.  Their CRM provides dif... More

Project Manager Overview ProjectManager.com is as the name implies, project management software!  Project Manager Videos {{resource:18}} The followin... More

Project.co Overview Project.co is online project management software that allows you to create projects and tasks and schedule work effectively. Proje... More

ProWorkflow https://www.proworkflow.com/... More

Smartsheet https://www.smartsheet.com/... More

Teamwork https://www.teamwork.com/... More

Todolist https://todoist.com/... More

Toggl Plan https://toggl.com/plan/... More

Trello Task Management Overview Trello makes task management simple because of it's easy to use interface. Create and arrange Trello cards in your pro... More

WeBuild https://www.webuildcs.com/... More

Wrike https://www.wrike.com/... More