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Monday.com Overview

Monday.com is a flexible project management system suited to a variety of team management needs. Visual scheduling and customised workflows making the software easy to work with. They have various membership levels to cater to how your business works.

Monday.com Videos

Monday.com have plenty of demonstration and instructional videos to get you up and running.  It's worth visiting their YouTube channel to view some information on all the features the software has to offer https://www.youtube.com/c/mondaydotcom

Here are some the videos worth checking out.

monday.com Webinar: Basic walkthrough

monday.com for advanced project management

Manage all your projects in one central place with monday.com! In this video, you'll learn how to manage each phase of your project.

Monday.com Website

This is a direct link to the Monday.com website to discover the latest features, pricing and sign up.


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