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Asana Overview

Asana is a great project management tool for organising remote working teams. Create and manage team projects and tasks to meet deadlines and achieve goals.

Providing solutions for Marketing, Sales, Operations, Whole Company, Design, Product, IT Departments, Managers, Human Resources, Finance, Engineering, Event Planners.

Asana Videos

Here's a collection of videos to help understand what Asana is all about.

Asana Demo and Product Tour

This video is good to help familiarise yourself with all the features Asana has to offer and how to use them.  The video steps through each point using screen captures and annotation allowing the watcher to easily understand what the software can do.

Asana Demo and Product Tour

Author: Asana

Feature Focus on the Inbox

The Asana YouTube channel has some informative videos such as this feature focus on the inbox. It describes this feature as being an area of consolidated, relevant information specific to what you are working on.

Asana Project Manager Feature Focus on the Inbox

Author: Asana

Asana's vision for the future of work

Some interesting insights into Asana's direction going forward.

Asana's Vision for the Future of Work and Project Management Tools

Author: Asana

More Videos by Asana

See the Asana YouTube channel for instructional videos and all the latest


Independent Review of Asana

The "Keep Productive" channel has a fairly comprehensive look at Asana detailing all the functionality in a logical way.

Independent Review of Asana

Author: Keep Productive

Asana Integrations

Asana allows you to connect your favourite productivity applications to enhance your workflow. Integration is a process of authorising another third-party application to share data with another application back and forth. A popular combination of applications being the Asana Slack integration.  This allows Asana tasks to be posted to a designated Slack channel when added or commented on so the team can be notified.  Also, you have the ability to create tasks from Slack directed which will be synchronised to Asana.

To discover what Asana Integrations are available, head to the apps page of the Asana website. You will be presented with a list of featured apps.  However, this is not all the app integrations available.  Use the left-hand menu to filter the integrations by topic or select "All Apps" to view all apps on the one page.

Asana Website

This is a direct link to the Asana website to discover the latest features, pricing and sign up.  There's always been a free version available so I'm presuming this will persist into the future.


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