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MySQL Tutorial for Beginners 3 Hour Video

MySQL Tutorial For Beginners

SQL orĀ Structured Query Language is a language to assist with storing data into a database. MySQL is an extremely popularĀ open-source database management system that uses SQL. By following the topics presented in this three-hour tutorial you should become proficient in not only MySQL but many other relational database management systems that use SQL.

The course is mainly aimed towards beginners, however, anyone wanting to brush up on their SQL skills would also find this video tutorial informative.

Some of the topics covering in this video include...

  • Learn what a database is and how they operate
  • What is a database management system DBMS
  • Installing MySQL on both the Mac and Windows
  • Creating a new database to work with
  • Understand the SELECT statement
  • Learn about the SELECT and WHERE clauses
  • Numerous operators such as AND, OR, NOT, IN, LIKE, BETWEEN and more
  • Joining one or more database tables together
  • Inserting and updating data into the database
  • Delete data from the database

This course is well presented and definitely worth investing the time to get up to speed with MySQL.

MySQL Tutorial for Beginners Video

Duration: 3hrs 10mins
Category: Databases , Programming

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