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If you are new to the web or nothing else makes sense on this website, this is a good place to start. By reading through and watching the videos in this online book you should be able to get s grasp on what the web is on a basic level to help propel you towards more advanced learning. Web Basics has a look at some of the fundamental concepts and tools of the web.  These include where the worldwide web has come from, the differences between the internet and the web, what a web browser is, what are cookies, what are URL's, what is HTTP, internet protocol (IP) and more.  Learning is facilitated by a mixture of written text explanations, links to external learning resources and curated video material.


Web Basics


The creator of the World Wide Web was Tim Berners-Lee, a British Scientist working for CERN. He wrote the first proposal for the World Wide Web in Mar... More

Difference between the internet and the web main points The Internet is NOT the same thing as the Web The Web uses Internet infrastructure to operate... More

A web browser is a software application you install on your computer to allow you to browse the World Wide Web.  By typing in a web address in the ad... More

When visiting a website, sometimes it's useful to store preferences to remember what you have chosen.  Importantly, this information can be recalled ... More

An important term when learning the Web.  A URL is short for Uniform Resource Locator and relates to a location on the Web.  This may be a web page,... More

HTTP is short for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.  It defines how data is sent back and forth across the Web.  There is a "client" computer that requ... More

While Internet Protocol (IP) can be quite a complex thing and probably outside the scope of "Web Basics" I think it's a useful thing to understand on ... More

The Video This is the first episode of Website Library on the YouTube channel... Basics of the Web - An introduction to the World Wide Web {{resource... More