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While Internet Protocol (IP) can be quite a complex thing and probably outside the scope of "Web Basics" I think it's a useful thing to understand on an overall level.  Internet Protocol is important because you are likely to be confronted with the term when working with websites even on a starter level.  For instance, when ordering a web hosting package to store your website files the hosting company will give you details that include an IP address of your server.  While a hostname can quite often be used to make connections (eg mysite.com) it's better to understand the underlying IP address that the hostname is attached to.

Here's another video from Techquickie that explains TCP/IP quite well and in an entertaining way.

What is TCP/IP?

Author: Techquickie

What is an IP address?

Here's a good down to earth explanation of what an IP address is by "Explained. By George."

What is an IP address?

Author: Explained. By George.

From the Book:

Web Basics

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