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A web browser is a software application you install on your computer to allow you to browse the World Wide Web.  By typing in a web address in the address bar the web browser will download the files from a remote server that are necessary to display the page you requested. 

The web browser uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol (or HTTP) across the internet to access these files.  You may have noticed if you type a full web address it will start with http:// or https:// Although modern web browsers will automatically enter this part if you just enter the domain, eg google.com will become https://google.com

This YouTube video form Treehouse does a pretty good job of explaining what a web browser is and does.

What is a Web Browser? One of many ways to access the internet

Author: Treehouse

Google Chrome - Created by Google
Safari - Created by Apple
Internet Explorer & Edge - Created by Microsoft
Firefox - Created by Mozilla
Opera - Created by Opera

More statistical browser information can be found on W3Counter. You can also check back over the years to see how browser popularity has changed. 

From the Book:

Web Basics

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